In the past 20 years of being my 'own boss', I've seen many business people, working very hard, but the passion they had when they started their business, was often gone. The reason are persistent problems and recurring patterns. I saw many people with financial issues, shrinking budgets, crew issues, etc. But the good news is: you can break through every pattern and with this fact I can help entrepreneurs now. 
A few were really successfull, but stressed and had a lot of personal issues - behind the scenes. I mean 'dramatic' situations. We all know the examples and still we think 'Oh well, it will not overcome me'. But also a lot of family issues, stress and fears. And the worst is that people don't want to see it or admit it
I took my full responsability and changed my whole life drastically to find back inner peace and happiness myself first, the authentic 'me' and to experience 'freedom'. And I don't regret it for a second. I was lost in my perception of success and happiness. I couldn't see my blind spots, but I felt i couldn't proceed like that. So, I've changed my whole blueprint. 

I made a 180° turn and took full responsability. To improve, you need change!   


I quit my stressfull company and set out to travel more and find great teachers, answers and reconnect myself with my passion, dreams and desires. (music, sport, healthy lifestyle, nature, wisdom, travel, humour, ... )

But none of the teachers I met until the end of 2017, could solve my particular problems and issues or give concrete answers.

Those who claimed to know the truth, help and heal others, couldn't. But they made a lot of money.

It made me so angry and frustrated and I decided to find the answers deep inside myself, by discovering my authentic self on a NATURAL way.
After almost 1 year of hard work, daily meditations, research, traveling and visiting wise and experienced people worldwide, I got it. I had to become an expert in NATURAL SOLUTIONS. Natural means are for free and always working for everyone. Even if we are different human beings. Customers can safe a lot of money, can find those solutions on their own or call on my services to walk through that immense offer and to compose a list of means that they like. 


Now, as a consoultant, I am specialized in natural and solid solutions. (to ignite the extinguishing flame of man's goodness)

I know how to break through persistent and recurring problems. I learned to be patient and how to find a particular solution for a specific problem in the B2P Market (because I learned to never give up) and build a new foundation.

I help entrepreneurs with musical affinity to break through persistent problems and recurring patterns, by a specific sound coaching, building a natural plan and sharing releasing techniques 
"See and break through old patterns"


How to bridge a current situation to a desired life? What's my vehicle to bring you there? How does it work? What do I have to do and invest?

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