1. Consoulting 1.1 Program

Coaching for people with recurring patterns en persistent problems (physical or mental)

You want to change and find effective solutions. You are tired of spending money on solutions that do not work. You want to move forward; it's your decision.

If you recognize at least one of these 3 reasons below, then we can start:

1. You can't reach it yourself
2. you want to reach the solution/result faster
3. You want advice from someone who did it himself and proved it works.

We work one-on-one and based on a proven, efficient strategy. You will follow 6 modules of 3 hours on your tempo.
I do the work for you, according a plan and I'll explain step by step how you can fully break through persistent and/or recurring problems.
But first, I will look at you as where you are now, and then where you want to be. I am looking at your trajectory, evolutions, success, movement and where you're trending.

If then it SOUNDS like I can help you and we're a good fit, I'll explain what I have to offer and how I work.

When you think of things binary, you'll end up doing what you're already doing. So my question is, are you going to do something about your health? Or do you want to stay where you are and just looking how others are doing what want to be doing? 

If you are motivated to have a phone call, I will introduce the Consoulting 1.1 Program.
This is a new 'thing' which I'm introducing. I invented this Consoulting 1.1 Program and I'm bringing it in here, into this new way of thinking, to help people break free of all of these old ways of thinking and find inner peace.

The old way of thinnking is just limiting everyone and turning everyone mad. Instead of seeing who someone is, I look at what someone's potential today and what they wants to become.
Because let's think about this all.
Only when you know what you want to become, you can start to accept your current situation and look to your inner flame. I start to look at who you are and who you will become.

Empty your mind and fill the core with endless possibilities. Use your own light and go back to the Source of that Light.
(Interpretation of Tao)

To start with my 1.1 Consoulting Program, you first need to recognise your minimum viable life situation. You need peace, silence and a relaxing sound.
You must be willing to forget everything you know, to "see" what you need and want. The sound, the questions, the enviroment will become one and you will discover a new world.

So, Consoulting 1.1 Program is our proven method and specialized in activating your ONE lifegoal, by liberating people from structural believes, stress, rules and paradigms.
We are specialized in the awareness of collective success, happy and long life values, radical transparency and the best (process) for your unique Soul.

2. Sound Bridge Program

I welcome you to Sound Bridge. 

I help people with an ear for music to find freedom and make the difference by Sound Bridging Sessions (or a 6 weeks coaching)!

In short, this is a message for people with an affinity for music, sound or 'the voice'.

I know and understand which are the 5 mains problems that these entrepreneurs and people with an ear for music have: that’s about finances, fears, professionality, time and self-promotion.

We build a house of wood, but the inner space makes it liveable.


I also know how much money people spend on trying to solve these problems. Many entrepreneurs, by the way, are not aware that they invest a whole business life and build companies to find freedom. Some business people work like 40y to reach financial freedom and then they achieved only 1 part of the meaning of freedom, the financial freedom, but not the freedom in spirit, soul andbody. 

And beside that I know that they all want to experience 3 important aspects of life: financial freedom, being relaxed in achieving their goals and a quality family life.
In short, they all want a balanced, happy and well-experienced lifestyle. 

But still they continue looking for financial freedom, more time for their passions, more inspiration, leaving a greater added value, a better self-promotion, gaining more customers and a better reputation, being paid correctly, being heard, performing on big stages and so on, so we are used to sacrifice our life to experience that happiness and freedom. People are going to the end with themselves to reach success. And I know it, because I’ve done research all the time.

Finding the solution does not seem to be easy because of 1 big reason. And please write this down. Before finding solutions, you need to know you authority or position in life. That doesn’t mean that you can build a business, be successful, be famous, etc… what I mean is to understand what your authority is today. What is your position in the society today? Who are you? Where did arrive in your life today? What are you aware off? What is it that you suffer from? And what are the steps you should take before trying to achieve that freedom, that financial freedom? 

So, all those financial challenges, not knowing how to promote yourselves, a lack of time, rising costs, and so on, all those painful realities, are persisting because you want something which is not what you need today. 

And that’s because achieving success and being well-known and all those beautiful dreams, are presented in a very simple way every single day. Open FB and you will find an advertisement about how to earn money, how to become rich, how to find customers. And still the problems continue to persist. Although many people are trying to provide you solutions with the best intention. But, if you don’t want to see the effort of all the people, then you will continue to spent a lot of money and lose a lot energy, because of your recurring and persisting problems. So, if you feel the need to change something in your life or you want to meet one of those amazing coaches and trainers all over the world, then you have to build a bridge. But what I want to help you with, is to build a natural bridge that won’t cost you money, because it’s natural, it’s free. You only have to pay my fee and then you continue to attract whatever you need in your life. And my fee is about 1 life changing session or a 6 week training or an advanced 12 week coaching program. But with session you will start to see the outcome, make your plan and build your bridge to that future you are waiting for to experience. 

So, it’s all about making a plan and build your bridge step by step. I will guide, you will find the tone that you trust because you will use your own voice and sounds and that’s something nobody can offer you. So the means to reach your freedom, is sound, music and your own voice. 

But, if you got the message and did it well in your life, then maybe you will retire and maybe you will enjoy your financial freedom. Maybe, because many millionaires I’ve seen and worked with, are not happy at all and do not enjoy. They continue to suffer daily. They have huge family issues, headaches, and so on. So, what is it that gab? What did they miss? What do you want to protect you from? 

And my answer is: they are not 'free'. 

If you want to make money, if you want to be free, if you want to find time and inspiration and how to promote yourself, you have to find out how to help other people. And experts make a lot of money because that’s what they do, helping people with solutions. But still, there is a missing link. Still a lot of experts are not finding that freedom. And that’s because they didn’t listen to the authority, their position in life. They worked day and night to achieve financial freedom, but didn’t pay attention to the authority they have. They didn’t worked on the different levels of awareness and growing. 

And that’s what I realized last year. I sold my business and decided to take 3 years to find out how I can help other people with solid solutions. And that’s what I already do now. But I know that I need to take time to understand my authority, to take my position. So, I’m cleaning up myself on 3 different levels, every single day. 

I help people with an ear for sound to free themselves before they will help others to become successful. And that’s my life mission.  

I give you a concrete example. A pianist heard me when I was playing and said to me: the freedom with which you play is something I look up to, because as a professional musician, I’ve been trained to hear the mistakes in music. And when I make music myself, he said, I am limited by the musical rules that I have learned. And effectively, making music together did not work. He was an expert but not free. 

So sound bridge is a solution, a natural bridge between your today’s reality and your dreams. I can help people with an ear for music to achieve that sense of freedom. Because sound has a natural and exceptional power, people who know this already can start to use it effectively to create 'freedom' before yearning for money. 

And it is not because you are a successful singer, a master musician, or musical professor or whatever title you have, that you feel free. 

Because being an expert is not about the desire for perfection or control, but the desire to share your expertise, talents and solutions to help others. So, people who are afraid of competition, will always suffer. 

So if you want to experience freedom, through sound and voice, come and get a Sound Bridge Session. Because, I see how people come in and how they transform after 1 session. 

Because the simplicity, the honesty of the direction I’m using during a session, comes from the freedom of using your own voice and sound and from natural truth. And I know how to bring you there and make experience that freedom.