For the moment we offer 3 powerfull workshops: Soundation - Breathholding (under construction) and Insightful art (under construction)



I was afraid of being my ‘unique self’, always tired and not happy!
I hear melodies everywhere and I sing all kind of ‘weird’ sounds. However, there was a time in my life that these songs and sounds deep within me and I was afraid that they would stay trapped inside forever. 
But Why? Why couldn’t I release them from the deep? And what is that can stop a person to live his dream! 
Sound unites!
Because I didn’t want to live with doubts and fears anymore, I needed to find out how to come out of my pain but with a speed up effect. And that was by ‘sound’! Sound unites the basic 3 levels of our nature. 
I will help you find personal release through techniques of breathing and inspiration, coaxing breath into an audible expression. 
What are you afraid of? 
‘SOUNDATION’ is about sound foundation and this is a perfect way to birth sounding dreams into absolute realities. To overcome fears, get rid of blockages, to rejuvenate, have more energy and to prevent burn-outs. 
Break through your patterns, to set you free to just be and breath. 


Who of us have not been moved as our favorite song is played? We instantly are inspired, moved and the expanse of energy within is enlarged with vibrations of joy and peace! 
THE POWER OF SOUND! Becoming one with the harmony of it all. 
Breathing is ‘key’!
Breathing in and out goes automatically, but producing a nice sound is often our weak point. Breath is the key to all sounds that we create using our own voice. 
Connecting sound experience
‘SOUNDATION’ is an inner release experience that uses sound as a connecting tool. Sound connects people to their nature. Sound connects people to who they really are. ‘SOUNDATION’ is about higher vibrations, practical insights and helpful techniques. 
Be the sound (of who you are)!
Have you ever experienced yourself as vibration, being the sound?
Well, the ‘sound of who you are’ is an expression of the soul and the vibration of that sound goes far greater than you’ve dreamed. Releasing your inner voice, that’s what is. 
What does that mean, being your ‘unique self’?
There is only 1 Michael Jackson and there is only 1 ‘you’. People compare themselves and copy those who are successful. But every single person on this planet carries a unique quality, meant to be developed and used to be happy and balanced. Therefore, you should develop your ability to sing your own sounds and find your unique self. And through sound that’s possible. It doesn’t need to be explained through science as you can experience all this yourself by simply doing it!


Releasing fear and stress!
Many of you do live in a constant fear or stress. When stress and fears are releasing, then it’s start to be really fun. We are going to experience musical fun, which takes stress and fear away, boosts your energy level and cleans up all the negative emotions. 
More energy = new reality
First we will work with exercises for learning to project sound into different parts of ourselves and get used to the very natural aspect of the use of the voice that most of you have forgotten. 
And from there we will discover to project sound with our INTENTION into any portion of our body. And then you will discover how sound can relief pain (like when you stubbed your toe, the sound you made relieved the pain ‘AUW’).


My experience, a natural and solid foundation. 
I have a lot of experience now in how to shift frequencies, what makes you more productive and more energetic. Changing frequencies, is the base. This natural foundation helps to take fears away, cleans blockages, makes you happy and increases your productivity, by simply using the voice as a self-transformation tool. 
The essence is your intention!
When I started my first business in 1998, I wasn’t aware of the use of frequency and vibration. Now I understand that everything is based on frequency.
The Universe is actually 1 big vibration and rhythm, but we can’t hear it anymore. We don’t know anything about the levels of listening. Every word and sound carry the frequency of your intention. So, you better connect to what brings joy and fun.
Soundation! The power of sound!